Tips on Choosing Watches As Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner. It's just less than two months to go before the merriest holiday of the year which means, people will start flocking the malls to buy Christmas presents in the next few weeks or so. So, do you already have a particular gift in mind to give to your loved ones? Why not give them a watch? A watch, aside from enhancing one's appearance, also helps keep track of time and schedules which makes it a very practical gift. Let me share to you some tips on how to choose watches as your Christmas gifts.
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1. Determine your budget. The type of watch that you could buy depends on how much money you are willing to spend. If you have a very big budget, you could go for the high end designer watches. On the other hand, if you don't have that much money you could just buy a good quality watch that is simpler with less features.
2. Personalize your gift. Consider name engraving to make your gift more special. Engraving the recipient's name on the watch makes it more memorable for the person.
3. Consider the recipient's lifestyle and interests. There are different types of watches that go well with different types of personalities and lifestyles. Choose a watch that fits the recipient's lifestyle and taste so that the recipient will appreciate it more... and use it more!
Christmas is all about giving and loving one another. Make your loved ones happy by giving them a gift that they could treasure and use for a long time, like a watch. Happy shopping!

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Women and Fashion Jewelry – An Affordable Yet Fashionable Statement

It is not an understatement that jewelry has always been one of the most popular accessories that women have used to help add a unique style and character to their appearance. In fact the use of gold for jewelry can be dated back as far as 3000 BC in Egypt where it was the preferred metal of choice. Not only was gold rare, but it was also very easy to work with and more importantly did not tarnish. Rare golden pendants shaped into beetles and flowers from this time period can still be found on displays at museums across the world and were used as mainly a status symbol. In fact, it was not that long ago when many women wore exquisite jewelry with intricate designs that had diamonds and other rare colorful jewels, which helped them show their social status and fashionable style to not only people in their current social circle, but to new people they might meet as well.

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However, today is a different era, and with the economy suffering the last few years many women have had to cut their costs when considering non-essential purchases such as jewelry. While the times have changed and most women in today’s modern world have no desire to flaunt their jewelry and make them feel superior to everyone else, some things have not changed that much. The desire to look unique and your best is still just as an important factor today as it was back then. Luckily with fashionable, yet affordable clothes, purses, and jewelry women do not have to spend a lot of money to look their best. New upcoming hot trends in fashion jewelry, such as vintage jewelry, are become more and more popular and are allowing once considered outdated and tacky items, such as some heirlooms or inherited pieces, to once again be stylish and fashionable. The uniqueness and the story behind these pieces are not only interesting to hear, but adds character to these once outdated pieces of jewelry. Many of these can be purchased at antique stores and specialized shops, however some of them are made of real gold and can still be very pricy. With hot trends in winter jewelry involving layering vintage pieces, it is good to know what most modern fashion jewelry can help you achieve the same looks that are created with the vintage era in mind. The best part is it can now be done at a fraction of the price.
Another popular trend is not your typical style of jewelry at all. Outrageous pieces that have different shapes, designs, and colors are becoming more and more popular as many celebrities and well known female stars are not necessarily creating the trend, but simply following it. While the older trends usually focused on purchasing a few nice pieces of expensive jewelry that would go with the majority of their clothes, the modern female might purchase several pieces of stylish, yet inexpensive, jewelry to wear with one specific outfit in mind. Sterling plated fashion jewelry with cubic zirconium jewels are now the standard and nobody cares whether it is real or not.
It is interesting to see that these trends have not just affected the accessories and appearances of women, but men as well. More men are following the trend and are wearing similar jewelry such as a mens fashion necklace with a unique and stylish pendant. While the styles of the men’s jewelry compared to the women’s are very different, one thing is for sure. With the wide variety of affordable fashion jewelry available, both women and men everywhere are creating their own personalized style to express themselves in a unique and affordable, yet fashionable statement.

5 Insane But True Things About Shopping

In a society where consumerism is encouraged, compulsive shopping is even treated as a joke. Presently, compulsive buying is being considered as a personality disorder. People buy, buy, buy items that end up piled in the attic and later sold in the annual garage sale. Unused blouses, bags, even make ups or what have you, originally bought using high interest rated credit cards are disposed of at give away prices. It is insane as you pay on debts for items bought which were never used.
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Buying bargain items near expiry dates. Buying discounted items, especially grocery stuff can sometimes cost you more. For the 50-70% off for a pack of vegetables or canned goods, you buy double. The trick is, consume all of it before the best before date arrives. Most likely, it will not happen. Crazy, because the “savings” supposedly gained is simply discarded into the bin.
More expensive is better quality MYTH. In many ways, branded buys in the past were proven more reliable and lasts longer, like branded shoes are more expensive. But this is not true all the way. A little diligence and research will reveal highly useful good quality items that are not expensive. There are start up businesses who introduce products at lower than average price to break into the market. They are virtually unknown and would not command high price. They would also make sure their products are of very good quality. Find and try one.
Being fashionable is good but is not always financially wise and practical. Wearing an expensive newly introduced design of a cardigan or blouse may only be worn once, and never get to be used again. What is the reason? That design is no longer in fashion and will not come back till the next 10 years, by then the design is the same but the material used is different.
Go healthy, wholesome and simple - and discover only 10% or less of items found in grocery stores are really of good use. The rest are unnecessary if not outright bad. A vegetarian living healthy, wholesome and simple lifestyle buying only chemical, fertilizer, pesticide, msg, artificial food color, artificial flavoring and GMO FREE products, aiming to get only down-to-earth use of basic essentials, will end up walking and peeking in the very limited section of these shops.
The rest of the items found in the store will just be categorized junks. For example, there is no need to visit the canned goods section if the goal is NAFA feeding for the family. NAFA is no artificial food additives or preservatives. It will save precious time going directly to the fresh food section- altogether avoiding the junk foods section of chips and chemical-laden juices. What about cleaning products harmful to the environment? No need to mention.
Visits to department stores will be very limited to the basic ESSENTIALS rather than what is fashionable. Good fashion for people who want simple, wholesome lifestyle can be out-of-fashion, the items they are looking for could not be readily found. They would intentionally choose products from hair essentials to clothing and accessories made of organic or natural materials rather than synthetically produced. But this is temporary, the trend now is going back to basics and to nature- helping mother earth recover its wholeness and health too.

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