Adidas Originals favorite of Sports enthusiasts over Decades

The preferred choice of many sports personality is Adidas Originals. For year’s professionals as well as amateur sports enthusiasts have worn a pair from this leading brand.

There are certain reasons for becoming famous among the millions. An elaborate scientific research goes behind the manufacture of Adidas pairs. 

The shape of the feet, the work and stress of the muscles while running and walking, all these are taken into consideration while manufacturing the sports shoes. 

All these make it possible for the athlete to perform well in their respective track and field bringing them success. 

Even if you are not an athlete, you can always have one of these comfortable pairs. 

UGG boots and their enduring popularity

It may surprise you to hear that in fact, the first Ugg boot was actually created some 200 years ago. However it wasn't until only a few years ago that they became really popular in the mainstream shoe market.

UGG Boots
Since then, they have taken off; creating their own global phenomenon. They were created by Australians originally, and although the official Ugg boot brand still remains highly popular, most high-street chains have created their own copies of the ubiquitous boot.

Some have speculated why the boots are so popular, however, as they are very hot and can make for smelly feet. There are myriad pros and cons of the Ugg, but here are some of the reasons why lovers of this woolly boot are so enamoured with it.

Many have cited "inadequate competition" as the reason for Uggs' enduring popularity. There simply is no other boot that is as fashionable as the Ugg; nor any that keeps feet quite as toasty. They look great with all manner of outfits; from dresses and skirts to trousers or shorts. They come in many different colours, styles, shapes etc., which also means wearers can choose the kind that best reflects their personality. They even come with matching accessories - like Ugg bags - meaning lovers of the brand can base an entire outfit on Ugg.

They are fairly sturdy, the original kind, which means they last a long time; seeing out winters better than any of their cheap equivalents. Lastly, the Ugg has built up a reputation for being a luxury item. They are 'the thing' to be seen with, which means schoolchildren and broke students alike consistently beg their parents to lend them the £100 required (minimum) to invest in a pair.
What are the cons to these boots, however? Well, they have been associated with making feet a lot smellier and for some, they are simply too warm. Some scientists have said they can mis-shape feet too, although since when have women paid attention to the dangers pretty shoes can have on their bodies?

All in all, it seems the Ugg boot is here to stay - despite any minor glitches in their design.

Doing a wedding on a budget

Many of us want to get married; in fact, lots of women dream of their big day all their lives. What happens though if your other half proposes, but the excitement is marred by the fact you just don't have the money to throw the bash you'd always dreamed of?

Budget Wedding
This is where holding a budget wedding comes into play. It may sound tacky and horrid but it really doesn't have to be. You can have a romantic and wonderful day without having to spend tens of thousands of pounds. It just takes a bit of imagination.

For example, for a couples' wedding, gold rings might be their first choice. Gold is expensive though, so why not think about getting gold-plated silver or even opting for a less traditional band in sterling silver? If this is too expensive, think about buying slightly cheaper rings for now and then saving over the following year for some more valuable ones?

Table decorations don't have to cost the earth either. One much-loved solution is to collect jam jars - and get your friends to do the same - then fill them with sand or flowers. Tealights also work well as the reflect off the glass, giving your night-time reception a warm glow. Alternatively, you and your friends could learn how to do origami. This pretty paper art could yield you hundreds of swans, flowers or anything you like to pop on the tables.

What about the dress though? A great way to get a budget dress is to either scour your local charity shops, or simply buy the material then get someone to hand-make it for you. This way, you'll get exactly what you want and it won't cost your entire years' salary.

These are just some of the ways in which you can have a wedding on the cheap, so get researching because before you know it, you'll have found ways to cut the cost of every single aspect.

Five Ways to Make Your Dresses Last Longer

In the current economic climate everybody is trying to save money and one easy way is too look after clothes properly so they last longer. By following a few simple tips a new dress can look pristine for years.

Storing Dresses Properly


The most important thing to do to keep a dress in the best condition for years to come is to wash it properly. Washing does keep a dress clean but it also helps the fibre of the fabric break down and it can also damage the dress if a good washing machine is not used. In fact there is some evidence to suggest that overloading a cheap washing machine can create holes in clothes. A lot of washing machines pull fabric through the holes in the drum which can tear it. So alongside the usual rough and tumble of a cheap machine clothes can actually be badly damaged when they are washed.

Getting a good quality machine like a Miele is one way to make sure a dress lasts longer. Because Miele has a unique honeycomb drum it is far gentler on clothes than a standard machines. The idea is that the slightly raised surface of the drum allows a film of water to form which then cushions the clothes from damage. A Miele machine also has smooth-edged perforations which stop clothes snagging.

It is also vital to read the washing label on the garment as washing a dress on a hot wash when it should be on a cool cycle is a sure fire way to damage a dress. It may sound obvious but it is also important to separate lights, darks and colours when washing garments in order to stop colours running.

Store the dress properly:

Hanging a dress up will keep it wrinkle free and looking pristine. However, it is important the dress can hang unencumbered so there needs to be room in the wardrobe for them to hang properly without being tangled on other garments.

Also don't scrimp on hangers cheap wire hangers can destroy the shape of a dress whereas a good quality wooden hanger will keep the shape much better. If it a special dress that isn't necessarily worn a lot it is also a great idea to put it in a suit cover or in acid free paper and box as it will keep dust off the dress and protect it from things like sunlight. While a few strategically placed moth balls will stop the dress from been eaten and destroyed by insects.

Reinforce the hem:

One easy tip to make sure that a dress lasts longer is to reinforce the hem with a sewing machine. All it takes is a simple stitch and it will help stop the hem fraying.

Deal with any stains the moment they happen:

If there is a stain on a dress it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible – it can't be just thrown in the laundry basket and dealt with next time a wash is done. If a stain is left on the dress it will set and then be impossible to remove. By dealing with it quickly the stain doesn't have time to soak into the fabric.

Air dry the dress:

Using a tumble dryer is easy and convenient but it is best to leave a dress to air dry as much as possible to prevent the wear and tear caused by the process. If it is hung up when wet it will also help some of the creases hang out. 

For more information about washing machines please visit Miele Home Appliances.