Engagement Rings - Essentials to the Purchase

All women want to receive engagement rings from their partners. If you are a man and you think it is high time to give in to the request of your loved one, then you will be faced with another problem. That is the fact that you have to know the engagement ring that will make your partner speechless once she receives it.

Well, the first thing to focus on is the size of the ring. Size always matters in this case. Knowing the right size for your girl is synonymous to finding a pendant that matches her jewellery chain or looking for brooch jewellery that will go perfectly with her simple and elegant cocktail dress. But apart from the size though, there are still yet other essentials to the purchase.
The first essential factor when buying engagement rings - the designer
The designer knows every detail you want in the ring. He will have an idea about the perfect cut as well as how to customise the design you want for the gem. You cannot discount the fact that the expert will truly lend more than a helping hand in the process of making a choice.
The second essential factor when buying engagement rings - personal preferences
For a woman, rings are as important as any other jewelry accessories that she owns. These pieces can also be a reflection of her personality. It is therefore imperative to consider what she really wants especially in terms of design. Having this in mind, think of an instance when she requested you to take a look at rings sold in jewellery stores. She might say "I want to have one of these wedding rings in the future." When you remember that time, you can have an idea of what your girl will appreciate.
Experimenting a bit on the purchase is also allowed. This time, you will also consider your personal preference without sacrificing however what you think your girl wants. Ask about symbols of love that may be added to these rings. Ask about the definition of each symbol as well.
The third essential factor when buying engagement rings - the detail
This type of ring can indeed bring surprise to your girlfriend. The details would include Hebrew inscriptions (or any other words of love) on the inner portion of the ring. To make it more interesting, you can also get one that matches the design of the jewellery chain or brooch jewellery that your girlfriend owns at the moment. When you have done this, there is no reason she will turn you down.
These essential factors when buying engagement rings will surely go a long way. Use these three things to help you come up with a purchase which you and your partner will truly be excited about. If there is anything that you feel you missed out on, do not hesitate to approach the jeweller. She might just have an interesting idea that will help you in the process.

Karoline Watson has been involved in the engagement rings market for many years. This article outlines some of the qualities found in the Ola Gorie range of jewellery chain.

Which Of The Dress Skirts Is The Best For My Body Type?

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Women's dress skirts come in many stylish designs and they have been fashionable for centuries but with time they have become even more stylish and many different patterns have been invented. The dress skirts come in all sizes and to suit all women's styles. The styles for women's range from pleated, to mini or short, to midi and even long skirts. The best part about dress skirts is that they do not only have to be worn with formal attire they can be worn at any occasion and still be in style. Dress skirts can be worn in any season and still be accessorised to fit that particular season. So many times these days even long flowing skirts have taken the place of formal dresses because of the beautiful blouses that can accent these skirts and make them even more flowing and appealing.
The skirt length that is most fashionable for the petite woman is the dress skirts that hit just above the knee. This adds a bit of height to the short women. The A-line skirt is also a fashion plus for the shorter women also. If you are one of the taller women, then you should never choose the short ones, like the mini skirt because it shows more leg and makes the legs look never-ending. The best dress skirt for the taller woman is the flared skirts which will usually complement their body style.
The pleated skirt is more appealing if worn in a shorter length just above the knees. The pleated skirts fit at the waist and are made with pleats that cause a beautiful flare once it is worn. This style of skirt can complement any body type. They are most popular with the cheerleaders and the pleats really do add accent to their uniforms. These skirts are also in the classification of the mini skirt in most instances but as mentioned above the knee length is really more appealing in this style of dress skirts.
The mini skirts seem to be invented more for the men than the women wearing them. The mini-skirts show lots of leg and even complement the shorter women because it appears to make their legs longer. These short dress skirts would be ok if tights or some kind of leggings were worn under them to cover bare skin and make the outfit more modest.
The long skirt is more comfortable than slacks in most situations unless your pants are stretchy and lounge pants. If a woman wants to look beautiful and still stylish but have the comfort of pants then the alternative is a long skirt. Any body shape can make a long skirt look good. It might take some experimenting with the lengths before a mirror but long skirts are definitely the style to go with.
The long skirt also gives off the impression of modesty and sleekness. So if you are looking for this style of dress skirts you can visit www.dressskirts.com/ and enjoy shopping.

Rock the Glamour World with Alex Perry Collection

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Popularly known as Australia’s Most Glamorous Designer’, Perry has been leading the industry for years. There is no contradiction to accept the fact that Alex Perry has created some of the most beautiful dresses for women, since he entered this industry nearly ten years ago.

Some of the popular names who have showcased Perry’s designs include Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and Elle Macpherson and the list goes on. Perry has made them look stunning in the sensational red carpet evening gowns.  

There is no wonder that several editorials have been dedicated to his talent and the magazines that have recognized this gifted designer are Marie Claire, Vogue, Studio, Bazaar, Cleo, and Bride Magazine.

An eye for beauty and a penchant for romance have earned Perry his unique position in the world of designer wears. Other than the collection of formal wears, Perry is also respected for his unique designer wedding gowns. But it is probably the Alex Perry designer evening gown that has made this artist a favorite of all generations.

No matter whether you are a teenager or an adult, Alex Perry evening gowns are sure to adorn your figure because this talented Australian designer is well known for his age appropriate designs. With an Alex Perry evening gown you are never overdone. It is simply going to flatter your figure. When you are wearing a gown designed by Mr. Perry, be sure that you are in your best.

The best thing about Alex Perry collection is that it satisfies the tastes of all women belonging not only to different age group but also to different strata of society. There are never too much fabrics or too much ruffles or ruffles too stiff. In one word they are just perfect and when you wear them, there is not doubt that you look sophisticated.

All the dresses are designed carefully to ensure that they complement the personality of the person wearing it. The dresses are definitely gorgeous in themselves, but they are never too odd to wear. They perfectly combine stunning features with elegance.

Guest Post: The Beginning of the Glamorous Fashion Event

Every fashion-conscious individual is gearing up for the upcoming events on the calendar. Whether you are a designer or a model, a reporter or a photographer, you are sure to be looking forward to the glitzy and glamorous extravaganza – the New York Fashion Week Spring 2011.

You may be waiting with baited breath for the spectacle to unfold. Do you have any idea about how it all began? Well, if you are an avid follower of the fashion world, you might be aware of the event’s history. However, you would be astonished at the number of people who have no idea about this. If you are one of them, read through!

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The beginning was quite different from what you experience nowadays. Known as the ‘Press Week’, the event began as early as 1943. The objective, however, was quite similar to what it is today. It was to generate awareness about the innovative fashion designs - that would one day give the city the reputation of being a fashion capital.

The event continued for years. However, it was only in 1993 that it achieved its present format. Initially, the different events of the week took place at various locations throughout New York City. In 1993, this changed – all the events were at the same location – Bryant Park. The week also got a new name – Seventh on Sixth.

The present name, ‘Fashion Week’, is another reflection of the modification in the objective of the event. This gives a clear idea about the scale of the event, which is quite impressive. Moreover, it also helps one realize the scope of the event. With time, this event has become one of the prominent in the fashion calendar.

The 2011 Spring Fashion Week of New York would mark the beginning of the forthcoming fashion events, like the fashion weeks in London, Paris and Milan. If haute couture is a part of your life, you are sure to know all about the upcoming event. And this does not mean that you need to be a designer or a model to be a part of this gala. 

5 Things You Should Know Before Selling Jewelry

The drop of any economy always leads to the rising value of one substance in particular, and that is gold. When a currency loses its value, the value of gold goes up as it is seen as more stable than a government-backed piece of paper. This is due to a lack of trust in the government that backs the currency. Whatever reasons cause this, the United States is in the middle of a recession and you can tell by the surging gold prices in the market these days. Many different companies are now popping up, offering cash for spare gold, and they are advertising at an incredible rate.

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Now in major cities you can find places to sell jewelry and scrap gold for money right on the street. A jewelry buyer is a great place for someone to sell a watch, and other gold buyers will take pieces of gold and pay you for that too. However, if you do plan on selling, there are a few things you should remember before you dive headfirst into anything.
1. You can't trust engraving- When a piece of jewelry is made, an engraving is often made so future owners can tell the quality of the metals being used. However, there is no law in most countries that force engravers to be honest. So just because your ring says it's a certain grade of gold, doesn't mean that it actually is, and an expert jeweler will be able to point it out quickly.
2. Scrap gold prices don't reflect retail value- Just because the same ring in the store window is priced high doesn't mean that your ring will be worth as much to a scrap gold company. What this means is that when you sell a ring to a scrap gold company, they simply want the valuable gold and don't really care about looks or appeal. So you will get the money for just the gold, not the actual jewelry. Another way to look at it is by relating it to buying a car, the moment you walk with a ring out of a store, it is worth less than the same one inside the store.
3. Jewelers use appraising as a marketing tool- If you bring in scrap gold or an old piece of jewelry to a jeweler, you should know that the appraisal brings in a price for trade-ins only. What that means is that they will not usually give you cash back, but let you trade it in for a different piece of jewelry that is equivalent to the appraisal price.
4. Better kept jewelry is worth more- If you do want to bring in your old jewelry to a jeweler to sell it, make sure the upkeep on the jewelry is done well. If the jewelry is in good condition, it will bring in more money when you try to sell it.
5. New Jewelry is worth more than old, unless it becomes antique- Jewelry is also like a car in that its value goes down over time. Unless it is rare, or antique, kind of like a classic car, the jewelry will be seen as old and out of style, meaning that it will fetch a lower price in the market.

Guest Post by: Amanda